Letter of Apology

Am I unwise to open up your eyes to love me?
(Run to Me, Bee Gees) 

To whom it may concern,

I forget things, I overreact, I get lost so easily. My courage is almost nonexistent and I seem to depend on you in too many things. I use too many English without paying attention to grammar and such. I pretend being so smart when the truth is I just want to impress you so much. It's not that I'm fake, I'm just too confused about who I am in your presence.

When I silently asked you to only look at me, I feel like a self-centered jerk. How could I ask you to only look at this imperfect creature? But it pained me so to see you with another girl...

If I have to write one long letter to you, it will be full of apology.

Would you forgive me, for everything I've done?

One thing for sure : Ich liebe dich.

Deine Vera

Ps. If you read this by any chance, please do realize that it was you all along, from the very start we talk to each other.



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