The effect of your little smile

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Your smile remind me, these are all worth it. Take a step, Vera. Just a little step. And go on. And on. Control your panicking, Vera. Conceal your worrying. Stop looking stupid, Vera. Take a deep, deep breath. Be brave. That smile, remember that smile, and improve yourself. Walk on. You can do better. And better. Just hang on and continue

With your smile rising on the horizon, played again and again, twirling round and round in my cramped brain, I know everything is going to be so alright.

Will I ever have an honor to tell you this? And millions of thank yous and forgive mes?

Can I start this now? Will you read it somehow?

Thank you. Forgive me. And hey...I love you, but maybe in that sentence there is nothing new.

Liebste Gruße,
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  1. Wow..
    Prosa yang bagus..
    Sepertinya mau menyatakan cinta ya? Ayoo semangat! Hidup itu saat ini atau tidak sama sekali!

    Sei stark,

    ps. jd temen blog-ku juga ya di

  2. Halo, Dinar :)

    Yes, Life is now or never. Semoga kita bisa menghidupi hidup dengan sepenuhnya :)

    ps. sudah berkunjung ke blogmu, what a simple and sleek layout :)



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