To Whom It May Concern

Let us have inscription of our name
on our rings, written in Tengwar, in elvish language of Sindarin
Let us call them "the rings who ruled them all"
And whisper to each other "my preciousss" in Gollum's voice

Laugh at me, but let us have it anyway

Greet me in foreign languages of your choice
because that sounds nice, and I will compose for you a haiku over breakfast
Watching sun rise 
illuminates the backyard-- 
toast or cereal?
Let smiles and warmth and light flood our living space
and happiness and laughter and all those warm embrace

Bear with me
and my two left feet, and my inability to cross the street
I will learn to swim too, and bike, and drive, and to accept defeat
Know that every day for me is one step further out of fear
and it would be so helpful if you are being near

Lay beside me
through all the book chapters I'm not willing to close
through all the football matches I'm not willing to miss
Gently remind me about all the dying brain cells
Also not to forget the Tahajjud prayers

Argue with me
Over movie choices, over children's name, over water and electric bills
But at the end of the day, I will remind you
You will always have me to turn to
And "I love you" are not merely pretty words
Not merely pretty words

Marry me
Let your dreams be mine
Let these dreams be yours, too
Let us share what difference we would like to see in the world
We shall leave with smile, knowing we do all we can, we do all we should...

Let us go
hand in hand
to God's heaven...

Bandung, 25 April 2015
Vera F. Maharani


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