Pelajaran Berharga yang Vera Dapat Minggu ini

 1. You SHOULD reply all text message you have received immediately. Why? Because waiting is a boring thing to do in general. And sometimes it is more than just 'boring'. It's freaking annoying. Or more.
If you can't, please reply whenever you have a chance. Don't forget to give some logical explanation. Preferably honest. But lying is better than not replying. Seriously.
(I know I do this thing --not replying text message-- a lot, but don't worry...I've learned my lesson)

2. One with boyfriend/girlfriend should NOT flirt with another boy/girl. Really, it's just sickening to watch.

3. If you have some silly romantic-relationship problem (e.g. someone's trying to flirt with your romantic-interest and/or your romantic interest seems like scared at the idea of being near you and/ it yourself) go to the nearest bookstore and buy a novel you've already wanted for years. Don't even look at the price. Just buy it.

It may drained your pocket, but get, like, two or three hours a day free of your silly-heartbreaking-annoying romance problem when you're absorbed into that fantasy world. And that's really worth it.
Or if you can't afford buying a novel, go to the nearest library, search for the thickest book possible and start reading it like a crazy-self-centered-study-oriented nerd. You got the knowledge and your silly-heartbreaking-annoying-romance problem become a dot in the background!

4. Procrastinating is NEVER a good idea.

5. You should improve your English before trying to speak with a perfectionist  I-can-smell-grammatical-error-from-miles-away person. Or you'll be simply considered retard for him/her in the future.

6. Kerja adalah proses, bukan produk. (semoga orang-orang tertentu mengerti bahasa Indonesia dan memiliki kemampuan berbahasa yang cukup untuk mengerti. Hmph)

7. Everything that my lecturers said.

Aku tahu posting ini agak kasar, but hey, it's my blog anyway. Dan aku sedang labil to the max. Jadi semuanya masuk akal. HAHA.
Minggu ini belum berakhir jadi mungkin masih akan ada lanjutannya. Mungkin. Hanya mungkin.

who starts to question her ability to think positively


  1. Veraaaa, ada apakah denganmu?

    btw, aku sangat sependapat dgn poin #2. hahaa

  2. Biasalah Mano. Silly-heartbreaking-annoying-not-so-important-but-oh-HELL-it's-so-FREAKING-hurt romance problem *sigh*. Jadi labil segalanya gini ih aku -_____-"
    Maafkan ya kalau kamu terkena imbas kelabilan saya akhir-akhir ini (kena ga sih? Haha)

  3. ga apa-apa lg Ver, makluuuuum namanya jg remaja tingkat akhir hohoho :D

    hmmm, aku ngga kena imbas sih, cuma aneh aja ngeliat muka kamu ditekuk mulu selama seminggu kemarin.. semangat dong Ver! kalo ada apa-apa cerita ajaaa (cie Ufi bijak) hehehe..

  4. apa sih alin yang mau dewasa awal....

  5. nggaaaa ihh veraaa..biasa ajaaa (ini adalah alin)

  6. Alin gaje ah (ini Vera beneran)



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