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To whom it may concern,
if you read it anyway

Thank you for the beautiful one year. Thank you for being so patient. Thank you for giving me such an amazing experience of falling in love.Thank you for those whirling feel of happiness and a little bit sadness here and there.Just the right seasoning for us, but now it's a little bit overwhelming, Dear...

Please forgive all the stupid things I did, all the crazy things I said. I didn't really mean it...okay I did sometimes, but not all of it. You're one of the most caring and considerate person I've ever known, and it's just plain stupid that I stopped this way, right? I'll let you told me that I'm stupid just once.

I wish you a lot of happiness.
Remember me as a friend, hopefully a good one
And with this short message, I say goodbye
sincerely (not yours anymore),


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