28 January, for a certain someone

Hello, wherever you are.

It's 28 January again, our sort-of-ex-anniversary! Maybe you have forgotten about this, but I...well, I'm always good at remembering insignificant thingy, right?
Since it's not really an anniversary anymore, I don't have anything to congratulate you for. But I still have something to say to you:

Live a happy life. I'll live mine happily too.
It's true that we don't love each other anymore, maybe you're even not sure if you want us to be friends again,  but please at least say hi first when we actually meet again? I know it's kind of pathetic, but I'm really not the kind of girl who will say anything first to her ex if he doesn't initiate the conversation. 
I'm still wishing all the best for you, you should wish the same for me too! Hahaha
Sorry, and thank you for everything.



Post this here because I think I'm going crazy everytime I realize what day it is. Hahaha. Now I'm perfectly sane again.


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