Can I?

"Can I sit beside you?"
'Cause you seem so lonely too
Smiling, laughing, but don't really feel like it
Struggling to stay in a place you don't really fit

"Can I walk with you?"
Share some laughs and maybe your precious thoughts
about all your shoulds, and maybes, and what ifs
Just pour it all, I'm not tired
Just tell me all, I won't be bored

"Can I love you?"
I won't be a burden for you, I'm trying hard not to
Let me keep those feelings, those hope for the opportunity
to gaze into your eyes, lovingly
to whisper your name in every prayer, softly...
to tell you how precious you are
and how happy I can be with you this far

So, Dear, can't I?

Damri DU-Jatinangor, 1 Juni 2011
Vera F. Maharani

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