Your Words (Le Tue Parole)


Sometimes the wind must pass
I shall let myself be carried
to where the words are born
I shall look for your words...
I want to bring them back to you  

It is not right that we content ourselves
with a story which is always the same
with a life spent forgetting

(with slight alteration from Le Tue Parole by Andrea Bocelli)

Seharian ini, lagu ini terngiang terus di telinga. Bless my cranial jukebox this time, karena biasanya yang sering diputar ulang di otak saya itu melodi semacam:

-Iklan Vita Jelly zaman sekitar dua tahun yang lalu
-iklan susu kenyot ga tau apa, dengan modifikasi oleh teman saya, Dini Fauziah Pratiwi.

Yeah, I know. My random brain can be pretty annoying

Tapi hari ini...lagu ini yang dialunkan. Sweet.

Dan seperti biasa, saya teringat kamu, Ruh. Juga harapan-harapan sederhana saya yang semuanya menyangkut kamu.
I want to bring back your words to you, and I shall not let you be forgotten.
Thank you for being there. Thank you for helping me to incinerate my past. Thank you for smiling. Thank you for joking. Thank you for asking. Thank you for helping me face my worries and fear. Thank you for waiting. Thank you...for simply being you.

  Jetzt, schlaf schoen, du liebste Herz :)

deine Vera


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