Meanwhile in Alternate Universe...

You looked at me squarely in the eye and you understood what message I wanted to convey. But just in case you didn't, I made it clear for you... "We are NOT going to have a conversation like this EVER again, are we clear?"

You were sensitive enough for not forcing me to my limit. You raised your hands and smiled. "Okay, fine. Let's talk about something more cheerful, like, you know...unicorns? Or confettis, bubbles, biscuits...something like that?"

 Bless you and your uncanny talent of making me smile.

"Biscuits," I sighed. "Let's talk more about biscuits."

After half an hour spent with discussing about choco cream and crusty pies, we looked at the clock, and I exclaimed, "Time really flies when we do something we enjoy, right?"

You laughed. "You mean, discussing about biscuits."

I honestly answered, "I mean, having a discussion with you. No matter what the topic is. We could talk about the menstrual cycle of turtles and most likely I will find that topic interesting too. As long as it's you."

"Except that topic you loathe," you said.

"Except that topic I loathe," I agreed.

"And, Ver..." 


"Turtles don't have menstrual cycle. They are reptiles, remember?"

"Yeah right. I know," I smiled. "Whatever. Come on, we have train to catch..."

You held my hand and we run to the horizon, while the sun went down to his lair. With the song 'Perfect Girl' from Helen Austin playing in the background and an audio insert where you admitted that I am your manic pixie dream girl. And I shouted "I'm not manic! YOUR CELLPHONE WILL BE CONFISCATED!"

from here
Please look at me
What do you see
If you ever try to find me
You'll find me

Waiting for you
'Cause you want me to
Do you know I'll follow blindly
Be kind to me

I'll be the perfect girl
The centre of your world

I hang round your class
Hoping you'll ask me
Anything just to hear you
To be near you

When I catch your eye
You give me a smile
That tell me one day that maybe
Just maybe

I'll be the perfect girl
The centre of your world
I'll be the perfect girl of your dreams
I'm all that I seem
'Cause I love you honestly, I love you honestly

I can't believe you're talking to me
and I find myself just smiling
Can't stop smiling

Would I like to go with you to a show
Or just for a walk or something
I'm thinking

I'll be the perfect girl
The centre of your world
I'll be the perfect girl of your dreams
I'm all that I seem
And I really mean

That I love you honestly, I love you honestly 
I love you honestly, I love you honestly
I do...


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