I'm on Bloglovin'!

I know I have never been serious serious in blogging (as in trying to gather audience to read my random rambling...aside from occasional shameless self promotion in the few social media I have). However, I like writing, obviously, and I like the idea that people read my writing.

(I know some of you might care more about my fiction... you can read my stories in fictionpress for free...for now).

After I lurked for a while in the blog-overse, I noticed that a lot of blogs I frequent have this cute little button telling me to follow them on Bloglovin. I clicked on it out of curiosity, and...



It's a very simple platform that allows you to collect all blogs you love, whether they are originally from Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr, or you-name-it. It helps you to stay update with the blogs you love. They can also help you discovering blogs you might love, based on your preference. For bloggers, it's a nice way to find audiences too.

So...if you like being special --because that's what my regular blog readers are, special, moreover because of their relatively small number-- please follow my blog with Bloglovin


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