2016 resolution #1: Actually finishing things on the resolution list

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Happy New Year dear readers! Well, it is already 2 days after New Year, but whatever.

I used to be really excited over New Year. When I was younger, it felt great to stay up late with my cousins, just chatting about childish stuff. The midnight countdown moment was something to wait for, and the fireworks were quite a sight. And afterwards, we would be busy sending happy new year texts to our friends, the content had been prepared since a few days-sometimes weeks- before.

Now that I think about it, my effort to send happy new year texts to SO MANY friends back then was quite amazing. I had to repeatedly clear my inbox/outbox, since the capacity of my phone was very limited. Plus, it was rather expensive, if you compare with the SMS rate nowadays. Think how many Famous Five books I could buy with that money; I would probably be able to collect them all! I would not have to check secondhand book shops' site every 2 weeks hoping they restocked the previous edition of Famous Five (I refused to buy the new edition because the cover design is too cartoonish for my taste and I am just OCD about which book edition I should put on my shelf).

Sigh. Priorities, I wish younger Vera had that.

Now that I am an adult and I don't need 'celebrating New Year' as an excuse to stay up late, New Year has lost its shiny sparkly charms. True, I was still wide awake at midnight, but that was not because I was waiting for the countdown; It was because of the New Year Special movies (this year's selection were meh), the sound of fireworks (more like sound of battlefield, actually)...and the fact that I still had some books left for my 2015 goodreads challenge.

Although I am not that type of person who would go "yooohooo, parteyyyyy" over New Year anymore, I actually like New Year for the following reasons:
a. I got day(s) off from work
b. year end sale still goes on in most stores I frequent
c. it gives me excuse to buy a cute new calendar and turned the old one into material for some random DIY project I might have later.
d. it is the right time to buy a cute new diary/work agenda/BOTH.
e. I got to make New Year resolutions!

It is no secret that I love lists. Any lists. Especially lists of resolution, which you can break into more achievable, measurable to-do steps, which means MORE (sub)lists! Plus, after joining Habitica I realize that I really, really enjoy finishing to do lists and ticking them off at the end of the day! So, naturally, I made a new list of resolution which can be accessed on my Day Zero Project account (the brilliant goal-setting site which I have explained briefly on this post):

Vera's 101 Things to do in 1001 days

Instead of the boring New Year Resolution (that I never followed until the end anyway), I chose to join the popular challenge on Day Zero Project : 101 Things to do in 1001 days. I could be more adventurous in setting target and I got more time to achieve things. I mean, there is no way I can get certificate of proficiency in Italian equivalent with at least level A2 this year, but in 1001 days, I am confident to do that!

After finishing (compiling) the list, I think what I want the most is to find my place in this world, to set a routine that works, with occasional crazy 'flavoring' here and there. Instead of 'achieving' things, most of the items are habits that need to be built gradually (and hopefully will settle permanently!).

Also, since one of the items on my list including "setting a blogging schedule and stick to it" hopefully I will REALLY stick to it this time. Blogging weekly perhaps is a bit unrealistic for me, so let's see if I post regularly (at least) every two weeks!

Sooo once more, happy new year everyone, and for those who made resolutions (like me) best of luck for us in achieving those! Still, don't be too pressured, and enjoy the process~


  1. "And afterwards, we would be busy sending happy new year texts to our friends, the content had been prepared since a few days-sometimes weeks- before." - been there, done that LOL. Semoga sertifikasi lebih dari A2nya bisa segera terwujud ver!! *tabok diri sendiri soal bahasa korea*

    1. Hahaha we are definitely from the same generation Rang. Udah da aku mah untuk bahasa Italia cukup sampai A2 aja dulu (setidaknya buat 3 tahun ke depan), cukup sampai bisa nulis fanmail buat Andrea Bocelli dengan lancar tanpa liat kamus hahaha. Semangat jugaaa Rang bahasa Koreanyaaa ajarin dong haha. Kalau ada rekomen website belajar bahasa Korea yang bagus :3 nggak perlu yang advance, cukup sampe bisa nonton running man nggak perlu pake subtitle :p



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