Day #1 : 10 Things That Makes Me Happy (PART 2)

Greetings, random lurkers  of the dark alleys of internet, it is nice to see you again.

I hope you are not waiting everyday for my post, because I have been cheating on this challenge by not posting in consecutive days. But trust me, I have prepared this post for quite some time.  So let's just forget my inconsistency, and on to the part 2, shall we?

Credit : This post was written (and posted) after urging from Aulia Dewantari. Go check her entries here
For the first part of my post, click here.

6.Germany win in a major competition

Actually it doesn't have to be major competition. My mood escalates drastically every time the German national football team win a match, no matter how trivial that match is. You can imagine how ecstatic I was when Germany won the 2014 World Cup. One of the major reasons why I think 2014 is among the best year of my life so far.

Some of you might think, why Germany? That, my friend, is a hard question. You might need to subject me to series of psychoanalytical examination because the exact answer for that question is certainly not available in my conscious part of mind.

Still do a very fangirl-ish screech internally every time I see these kind of pictures

7. Falling in love

I might not seem like it, but I am a hopeless romantic (or "hopeful romantic", sounds more optimistic, he he). My obsession with love stories is up there, at the same level  with my inexplicable fascination towards Germany. Perhaps higher. Naturally, being in love is my favorite state to be in.

I love the experience of fluttering butterfly in my stomach every time I sense/think of That One Person. I love sleeping peacefully knowing whatever dream I would have, That One Person certainly would be part of it. I love how poetry and fiction stories  just flow naturally when I was in love. Every sense heightened, every experience more meaningful.

I am not one of those lucky bastards who fall in love for the first time with the love of their life and get married and live happily ever after without considerable turbulence. I have been through heartache and betrayal, and some over the top drama (to be fair, I create most of the drama myself). There were moments when I still vacillated between accepting the past and wanting to throw bricks to some people who had made my life such an emotional hell  back then.  But there were also moments  when I thought it does not matter how the love story turned out… some things I enjoyed, the other things made me learn something, and in the end I emerged as someone who would love better, who is deserved to be love better.

If that could not make me happy, I don't know what would. 

8.Knowing my work is approved by someone I respect

I would like to believe that I concealed this quite well...but the truth is, I fight insecurity on daily basis. 

My friends  and family keep reminding me that I probably scored around "Exceed Expectation" in most of life aspects. I appreciated that, of course,  but I just cannot banish that lingering feeling that I actually scored "Dreadful", perhaps borderline "Troll". They are just being nice because they love me, and love tend to make you ignore imperfection.

Therefore, when someone I respect approve my work, professionally, it feels  so so so nice. Like being reminded that I am not a complete waste of oxygen. I am competent enough to do something, and even though I messed up in many things, I would strive to improve this thing, at the very least.

9.Reading comments on my blog/my fiction stories

OMG someone actually spend their precious time to read my random rambles! And my fiction stories! And they leave comments/reviews -a very comprehensive one, too! And most of the time they don't even know me! Are they even real? Are they just figment of my imagination?

Whoever you are, dear readers, please know that you are keeping a dream alive. If I am not replying directly please know that most likely I passed out due to unbearable happiness  and disbelief, after spending full  15 minutes rereading and relishing every words of your comments.

10.Seeing the lights at the end of tunnel

I mean it in a figurative sense, although seeing the lights at the end of actual tunnel is kind of relieving for me as well.

God, how many times I was in that position? Everything seems bleak, and I keep making more mistakes. Being a weak creature that I am, I almost succumbed to hopelessness, but God saves me. Again. And again. And again. And I am grateful every time.


Thanks for sticking with me so far. I intended to write this post in Bahasa Indonesia, but for some reason this post came out in English. I really have to practice writing in Bahasa Indonesia again. Recently writing in Bahasa Indonesia felt either (a) awkward or (b) unnecesarily emotional. I have NO idea why.

Anyway, I  WILL write in Bahasa Indonesia again. Soon. Perhaps next post?

*fervently praying that I will be motivated enough to write the next post*


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