RIP My Hamster, Furry Ball

My dear Furry Ball, I hope you are now running in a bigger hamster wheel in heaven, eating a lot more delicious sunflower seeds, and...who knows, maybe you meet a handsome hamster-angel there too, no?

I'm sorry if I and my brother didn't take care of you well enough, if our hobby was sneaking behind you while you were sleeping and giving you fright everytime. I'm sorry I was late in introducing you to the chinchilla sands, so you used it as a toilet instead.  I'm sorry I hadn't bought you the hamster ball. I'm sorry that I scold you when you nipped my fingers every time I was giving you a treat. I'm sorry that you didn't have a mate, and you couldn't give birth to hamster pups...I didn't know then that after you turned ten months old you became more territorial, and instead of mating you were fighting with your would-be mate to his death.

My dear, golden red-eyed Syrian in peace.


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